Most played songs of 2014
With statistics from the Swedish radio stations STIM has put together lists of the year's most played songs and their songwriters. First place among the Swedish songwriters goes to Tim Bergling, Salem Al Fakir, Ash Pournouri and Veronica Maggio with Hey Brother. The hit song Royals by Joel Little and Ella Yelich O'Connor is number one on the international list.
Top 10 Swedish and international songs
Income statement
Income statement for your STIM-payments in 2014 will be mailed to your home address in late January. Save the income statement, as you will need it for your tax return.
PRS for Music, STIM and GEMA prepare for further co-operation with European Commission to launch new hub service
The European Commission has taken the procedural step of continuing its investigation, under the EU Merger Regulation, into the proposed launch of a multi-territory licensing and processing hub by STIM, PRS for Music and GEMA. The hub aims to create easier access for digital music services to clear music rights, and faster and more precise payments of royalties to rights holders.  
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- I use mental imagery a lot when composing
Lina Nyberg is one of Sweden's foremost jazz composers and musicians. After 25 years on stage, with much acclaim and many awards to her name, she now reveals how to survive in a genre far removed from the so-called Swedish music miracle.
Read the interview with Lina Nyberg
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